Testimonials of participants in previous Summer Courses

Video clip April Mondy, Delta State University (2011)

Video clip Tyler Cockrum, Missouri State University (2011)

My overall experience was amazing! I will proudly be returning to my university to encourage other students to participate in this exchange. We got to see so much, and do so much. I wish there had been more time. The layout and events of the trip were great! The hosts were very welcoming and helpful. I learned a lot about the EU and about my own country. The trip was more amazing than I had planned, and this experience has enhanced me as a person!"
Megan Detar, Morehead State University (2009)

"I feel that I have gained many things through my study and travels that have helped me to become a more well rounded person. I took a step out of my comfort zone and traveled to countries that I never thought possible. I immersed myself in European culture and loved every minute of it. The summer course was a once in a lifetime experience and I could not be happier that I seized this opportunity."
William Colby Snyder, Northwest Missouri State University (2009)

"My experience in Europe is one that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I have made great friends, and I have learned more about Europe than I ever knew prior to this trip. I feel very blessed to have had the chance to experience Europe with Magellan."
Kattie Long, Delta State University (2009)

"The Spirit of Europe program has been a great eye-opener for me as I not only gained so much knowledge, but I also had the experience of a lifetime! I hope every student is as lucky as I am to experience this wonderful cross-cultural experience."
Anjale Stephanos, Missouri State University (2009)

"I didn't realize Europe had so much to offer until I got over there. I am definitely planning on coming back some day; this trip has been the most favorite in my lifetime! Thank you so much for planning this trip; it wouldn't have been the same without all of the professors."
Hadley Ernst, Washburn University (2009)

"The trip was fantastic. I will encourage everyone to study abroad and study with the Magellan program. The sponsors were amazing and very helpful. I enjoyed being around everyone and just having a good time. My parents were happy that it was educational too. Thank you for providing an amazing staff and program. I enjoyed every minute of it."
Kathrynn Eddy, Washburn University (2009)

"I enjoyed the entire trip, every single day I looked forward to the next. The time flew by, but the memories will remain. All of the organizers were so hospitable in accommodating our every need. This was a trip that was educational and fun. I believe that this summer program will continue to be a great success due to the dedication of the faculty."
Joseph Workman, Eastern Kentucky University (2009)

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