Summer Course Fee

No extra tuition fees are charged for exchange students (besides the normal tuition fees charged by your home institution). In accordance with the principles of reciprocal exchanges, all lectures and presentations in the Spirit of Europe Summer Course are offered free of charge!

Based on a group size of 15-30 participants, the participation fee for the 2014 Summer Course has been set at EUR 1,450 (besides a processing fee of US$ 75 to be paid to the Magellan Exchange network and any credit card charges).
Students from partner universities that do no participate in the Magellan Exchange network pay the same participation fee plus a US$ 75 administration fee.

Students from other universities will be charged a EUR 1,750 participation fee.

The above-mentioned amounts include accommodation, breakfast, local transport (trains and buses), fees during field trips, a weekend trip to Paris, a farewell dinner and guidance by your host universities.

Please note that the cost of airline travel, bank and credit card charges, insurance, food and drinks, tips, personal expenses and the optional weekend arrangements are not included in this fee.

For currency conversions, please check the latest exchange rates (and don't forget the fees charged by banks). You can get an indication of the current exchange rates online, e.g. at

A non-refundable initial downpayment of EUR 300 is to be paid to the Magellan Exchange office before 28 February 2014. If you should cancel your plans after this date, we will not be able to refund this deposit.
The outstanding amount is to be paid by 15 March 2014 at the latest.

The cancellation policy for the rest of the amount depends on the date of your cancellation: 50% of the amount paid will be refunded if the cancellation is received by the Summer Course organization between 15 March and 15 April 2014; 25% of the amount will be refunded if the cancellation is received between 15 April and 15 May 2014.
Cancellations are to be sent direct to the Summer Course organization in writing.

Please note that any transaction charges for bank transfers or credit card payments will be deducted from any amounts to be refunded.